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Phyllis S.

San Antonio, TX

I have been using Nature’s Oils CBD Oil since January. At first I didn’t notice a difference, until I ran out!! That is when I realized that it had helped me with my anxiety and helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. The first night without it was dramatically different. It was back to struggling to relax and fall asleep and waking all night long. It has also helped me a lot with my anxiety and panic attacks. I use both the soft gels and the tinctures, it is now a part of my daily program!

T. Lee

Kaufman, TX

For 11 years, I was plagued by hot flashes day and night. They were so severe that they awakened me several times each night, and I felt like I rarely slept. The first day I took the CBD oil, the hot flashes stopped. The oil has made such a huge difference for me, and I am happy to report that I sleep through the night and I feel more like myself again.

Janice H.

Visalia, CA.

I have hip pain, due to a bad fall a few months ago, that causes me so much pain at times that it wakes me from a sound sleep. Then I toss and turn trying to get comfortable, and I have a difficult time going to sleep again. With the CBD oil, I put a few drops under my tongue and find that the pain subsides immediately, and I am asleep within five minutes. I don’t want to be without this!!

Karim Amin

Phoenix, Arizona

“I have tried this incredible balm and can say with absolute certainty that it accelerated the healing of my sore muscles much quicker and much deeper than any other product in the market. Nice work!!!

Angela Pahnka

Seagovilla, TX.

I have tried a few different brands. Been using Nature’s Oils for a few weeks now and already I can tell a big difference. I also like that they are local to me. And…they will ship for free!

Fred Lewis

Houston, TX.

I have tried many CBD products and have to say that this is my favorite by far. Love the quality and the price. Highly recommend!!!

Shari C.

Fort Worth, TX

I discovered Nature's Oils at the women's Expo in Irving tx. there is no question I have benefited greatly from this product. the 1800 mg isolate tincture lasted me 2 full months. ordering my 2nd bottle right now.

Kimberly M.

Friendswood, TX

I began using the 1800 mg hemp oil in December 2018.

Approximately the same time, my 11 y/o - 20 pound cat Maine Coon, Frezno, was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips. After 500 bucks at our vet, they gave him Gabapentan. I felt very uneasy about it, as I wouldn't take it when prescribed to me!

So, I started him on my hemp oil.

Since he has been using this, he has become his old, playful self!!! He was so grumpy, would nip at me when I pet him near his hips, and I could see he wasn't feeling well overall.. but now his eyes are clear, his skin is great, no more dander, AND he's not in pain! He follows me to each room, like he used to.

These products have worked well for me, too. I've been able to come off of most of my medications.

I highly recommend Natures Oils, and truly appreciate Michelle answering all of my questions.

C. Johnson

Weber, TX

I met ya’ll at the peddler show in Bryan a few weeks ago. I have tried cbd oils before with no results so I was skeptical. The lab results you showed me convinced me to try again. I bought a bottle of the whole plant Hemp oil extract. My husband is a vet with ptsd and chronic pain from back fusion. I have chronic pain from arthritis. Both of us have been taking it. He is taking a lower dose because of the blood thinner so he is just now starting to notice an improvement in pain and anxiety and cutting back on his pain meds. For me, day 13 the pain in my hip was better. By day 15 I was able to quit my pain meds. We also give 1 drop a day on the cat’s treats. He was very abused before we adopted him and is very skittish. He is dramatically calmer.

Obviously your product has helped the whole family and I just ordered my Second bottle.


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