Cats and Dogs can take the same CBD Oil

Remarkably, the benefits of the hemp plant are not just for humans. CBD can help to calm their anxiety, bring relief from phobias (like fireworks and storms, loud noises), eliminate seizures, decrease pain and inflammation (hip dysplasia and arthritis) boost their immune system and support their overall health and wellbeing. CBD may not only helps relieve the current symptoms your pet is having, but it may also works as a preventative treatment. So by giving your pet CBD for an anxiety disorder, you may be preventing the inflammation that could cause arthritis for down the road as he or she ages.In order to successfully use CBD, it is essential that you get the right dose.

A good starting dose for most pets is 1 milligram of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. We recommend dosing twice daily, about twelve hours apart. For cats we recommend the 600 mg Hemp Derived Isolate tincture as they are odorless and flavorless. Each drop of oil is 1 milligram, so a 20 pound cat would use two drops, twice a day and the bottle would last 150 day, a 60 pound dog would use 6 drops, twice daily, and the bottle would last approximately 50 days. The drops can be placed on a treat or directly under the tongue if you are able to. If you are using the starting dose for 3-4 days and you don’t notice any significant improvement, chances are your pet is not getting a dose that is high enough for their body to recognize. At that point you would want to slowly increase the dose until you can see that it is working. Once you find the dose that works for your pet, use that dose as long as they are doing well. At some point down the road if your pets symptoms seem to return, it could mean that they are getting too much. As things balance and heal in their system, their body requires less CBD. So if they are still taking a more “therapeutic” dose, it may be time to cut reduce the dose until they start feeling better again. Sometimes it is even a good idea to skip a dose or two and give their system a chance to reset.

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