Anxiety is a problem that effects an estimated 1 out of 13 people worldwide.  It is characterized by an unpleasant state of mind or inner turmoil. Ranging from panic attacks, to generalized anxiety, to PTSD, anxiety can be incredibly disruptive to people’s lives. Up until recently anxiety sufferers had fewer natural options for treating their anxiety, however with the legalization and wide-spread availability of high quality CBD products, life just got a little easier for those who deal with anxiety on a regular basis.  

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds in the hemp plant.  It works to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, which in turn sends a signal to the nervous system to balance and heal.  Unlike prescriptions, which just aim to mask the symptoms of anxiety, CBD actually calms the nerves so the anxious signal shut down.  Thus many people report relief from their symptoms without some of the unpleasant side effects , or addictive nature that can accompany the use of prescription drugs.

With such a wide range of CBD products on the market, it can be hard to know which one will work the best for you.  If your main complaint is anxiety, you may want to look at using a product that contains CBD isolate instead of a full-spectrum CBD product.  For some people the small amount of THC that is in the full-spectrum products can actually make anxiety worse. 

Finding the right dose of CBD is essential to unlocking its healing powers.  As a general rule, most people do well starting with around 1mg for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily.  So someone who weighs 150 pounds would start with 15mg twice daily, about twelve hours apart. After 3-4 days at this dose if the person is not experiencing significant improvements, they can start to gradually increase their dose until their can tell that it is working.

On a more personal note, my son (age 11) was suffering with anxiety.  We didn’t know what it was at first because children had a difficult time expressing exactly what they are feeling.  All we knew was that he had a tendency to cry very easily when he would get stressed out.  I thought that he was just being sort of wimpy, and I encouraged him to “toughen up.”  I’m sure I deserve mother of the year for that one.  In January 2018, I drove over an hour each way  to buy my first bottle of CBD because I wanted to talk to someone who knew something about dosage information.  I came home and started dosing the whole family.  The first thing we noticed with my son was that tendency to cry when under stress disappeared.  Apparently he wasn’t a “wimp,” he was suffering with anxiety.  The CBD helped to balance his nervous system and he was better able to cope with stressful situations.

If you have specific questions about how to use CBD to help with anxiety feel free to leave a comment below.  Natural options for our health issues are out there, we just have to find the one that works the best for ourselves and the ones we love.