CBD: Dosage is Everything

Cannabidial or CBD is a powerful tool in your natural healing toolbox.  It is widely known for its ability to calm anxiety, treat chronic pain, ease depression and knock out insomnia.  Many people wonder why they hear their friends or family members raving about how well CBD works for them, and yet they don’t seem to get any of those same benefits for themselves.  The answer can frequently be found with dosage.  Most people have no idea how much to take.

As I travel throughout Texas and share the joys of CBD with the general public, one of the first questions that I ask them is, “Have you tried CBD?”  Most people have tried it in one form or another… gummy bears, vape, honey sticks.  Even though people may have been using it for months or years, they are still very unclear about how much they should be taking.  All of the CBD products are labeled with different numbers 150 mg, 500 mg, 3500 mg.  How is a person to take the number on the bottle and determine how many milligrams or drops they should be using? And will this number change after using it for a while? Will they need more or less?  How will they know when to change their dose?

A very easy way to find a starting dose for the majority of people or pets would be to take the number of milligrams equal to roughly 10% of your body weight twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart.  So, for example if a person weighs 140 lbs., they would start with 14 milligrams under their tongue twice daily for the first three days.  If they don’t notice a pretty significant improvement in symptoms by day four, they would increase their dose by 1-2 milligrams each day until they notice improvement or feel relief.  For most people they will find their “ideal” dose within the first two to three weeks.  Once they know their dose, they should continue with that dose as long as they are feeling good.

After a few months of regular use, some people will have a return of their symptoms.  Their body has been healing and balancing and now requires a lower dose than before.  So when they take a higher dose, it floods their body’s endocannabinoid receptors and they shut down.  At this point the person needs to slowly decrease their dose until they start to feel relief again.  

The second part of the equation is trying to determine the number of milligrams in each drop or each dose.  If you are using any of the Nature’s Oils products, we try to make the dosage simple.  The 600 mg bottles have 1 mg in each drop of oil.  The 1200 mg bottles have 2 mg in each drop of oil and the 1800 mg bottles have 3 mg in each drop of oil. So finding your dosage shouldn’t require a calculator or a degree in mathematics. If the person needs 18 mg., they could either take 18 drops of the 600 mg potency, 9 drops of the 1200 mg potency or 6 drops of the 1800 mg potency.  The benefits would be the same no matter which bottle you buy. The only difference is the number of drops that you would take and how long the bottle would last you.

If you are using any other brand of CBD product (but why would you want to??), figuring out how many milligrams you are taking might be a little bit trickier.   Most bottles are either 1/2 oz or 1 ounce in size.  A 1/2 oz. bottle contains roughly 300 drops and a 1 oz bottle contains 600 drops.  So if you take the total number of milligrams in the bottle and divide it by the number of drops in the bottle you can determine how many milligrams are in each drop of oil.  For example if you have a 1 oz bottle with 750 mg of CBD you would take 750 divided by 600.  You would learn that each drop contains 1.25 mg of CBD. So if you need a dose of 18 mg, so 18 divided by 1.25 means you would take approximately 14-15 drops of oil to get your dose. 

Hopefully I haven’t lost your interest or totally confused you with all of my fancy calculations…lol.  One of my biggest goals in life is to help people use natural products, mostly CBD, to improve their health and the quality of their lives.  If you have any questions about CBD that I haven’t addressed in this article, feel free to ask in the comments below, or send me an email at michelle@naturesoilsonline.com.