How CBD Oil comes to the rescue

Migraine headaches are the third most common disease in the world effecting an estimated 14% of the global population. Although causes vary from person to person, research has shown that genetics and hormones play a major roll in the development of this disabling disease.  It is estimated that about 50% of migraine sufferers go undiagnosed and do not receive any form of medical treatment for their condition.

Last weekend Nature’s Oils had a booth set up at Westfest, a wonderful celebration in the tiny town of West, Texas.  There were carnival rides, deep fried everything and loud polka style live music (Bolzen Beer Band-Summer of 69′ is awesome) entertained the crowds.  Saturday morning a woman approached my booth and proceeded to tell me that she uses CBD oil to treat her migraine headaches. Then she explained how.  She told me that when she starts to have changes in her vision, and she knows a migraine is coming on, she applies a few drops of CBD oil to her temples, the center of her forehead and along the back of her neck. She told me that by doing so, her migraine subsides nearly immediately.  I thanked her for the information, and filed it away in my brain under “potential migraine relief.”

A few hours later, I had another woman approach my table.  She asked me if I had anything for migraines.  She told me that she had been riding in the car to the event with a towel over her face because her migraine pain was so intense.  I immediately shared the experience that I had had a few hours before and asked her if she would like to try it out.  She enthusiastically accepted. I gave her a few drops of the 600 mg Whole Plant hemp oil extract in the palm of her hand.  I instructed her to rub those drops on her temples and the center of her forehead.  I then switched to the Hemp and Emu Oil Pain balm and had her rub that along the back of her neck and down her shoulders.  As I final punch I had her put about 20 drops of the 600 mg Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract under her tongue.  Within 5 minutes her migraine was gone.  We were both amazed at the power of this wonderful healing plant. Try it and let us know your experience.

If you have questions about how to use CBD, please leave a comment below or contact me directly at 469-525-3131.

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