Why We Started Nature's Oils

Our second child Valerie was born in the summer of 2005, a strong, beautiful, healthy little girl. She was a bit of a fussy baby, that grew to be an unusually irritable toddler. She was miserable, and everyone around her knew it. We would go to the play area at the mall and instead of playing with the other kids, she would grab onto my leg and hide her face. I vividly remember driving down the freeway in our dark blue minivan. Many times Valerie would kick the back of my driver’s seat for miles, as hard as she could, and scream, “I just want to die!”
As a mother, I felt like a complete failure. What had I done, or not done that would cause her to feel like this? And yet at the same time she had an older sister and a younger brother raised in the same house, with the same parents …and they appeared to be perfectly happy. I was always looking for answers, something that could help her. I read endlessly online, anything relating to health and wellness. I took her to a local doctor. It took four nurses holding her down to draw her blood, the test results came back normal.But nothing felt normal in our home. As we all know, when one member of the family is not okay, the whole family is not okay.
I kept searching. I took her to Las Vegas to a homeopathic doctor. We followed the treatment protocol, but saw no improvement. We took her to specialty chiropractors and sat with her for multiple sessions in hyperbaric oxygen chambers. We tried strong probiotics, vitamins and herbal remedies. Absolutely nothing made any difference.As she became more depressed, she became very thin and was having trouble sleeping at night. 
One morning after a particularly sleepless night, my husband asked me to just please take her to a psychiatrist and get her some prescription medication! We found an amazing child psychiatrist in Dallas. He diagnosed her with clinical depression. She was six years old. He prescribed Prozac. Within just a few days we saw a dramatic change in her. We heard her laugh, really laugh for what seemed like the first time in her life. She started eating better and becoming more social. Although we saw big improvements, as her parents, we knew she wasn’t feeling great, just better. She still had angry outbursts and was easily agitated by those around her.
 While searching for answers to some health issues faced by another family member, I was introduced to hemp CBD products. Upon learning about the multiple health benefits, I decided to try it out on the whole family. About three days after we started taking it, I had a conversation with Valerie on the car ride to school. We had noticed that she seemed much happier, but I wanted to see what she thought about her experience taking it. I asked her, “So, do you think that CBD oil stuff is doing anything for you?” Her response surprised me. She stated in a very serious tone, “Mom, I don’t think I can live without it.”
We saw positive results with other members of our immediate family as well. Our other children Monica and Jonathan, reported that they felt more calm and relaxed.
Our goal, after seeing the huge impact that this product had on our family, is to share it with others! Our mission is to formulate, distribute and provide education about our premium CBD products. We hope that Nature’s Oils will bless your life and the lives of those you love. 
Michelle Zor
Valerie 2017
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