CBD Isolate Tincture vs. Whole Plant Hemp Extract

 Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Tincture

* faster Acting – for moments of anxiety, stress or pain

* virtually odorless and flavorless – easier to ingest for people with sensitive taste buds

* very low chance of drug interaction because it is absorbed through the small intestines

* may be more helpful than whole plant formula for sleep issues

*zero chance of testing positive on drug test, contains NO THC

* more difficult to maintain steady levels in your system throughout the day due to “bell curve” absorption

* no synergistic benefit, does not contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in the whole plant formula



Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract

* Contains complete plant profile, all of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original hemp plant work synergistically to benefit your health and wellbeing. Creates what is referred to in this industry as the “entourage effect.”

* Your body is better able to maintain steady levels of CBD throughout the day because it is absorbed in increments.

* Contains minute amount of THC, far below the legal limit, however there is a slim possibility (depending on how your body metabolizes the product) that you could test positive on a drug test.

* Has an earthy/nutty flavor that some people may not enjoy (flavor is stronger in higher dose tinctures.)

*Due to slower absorption rate, not an ideal choice for a “rescue” product.  Will not be as effective for immediate relief of anxiety etc.

* This product is absorbed in your body through the P450 liver enzyme.  Many prescription drugs are absorbed through the same enzyme.  This means that there is a small chance that the product could change the absorption or effectiveness of some prescriptions if taken around the same time.  If you are currently taking several prescriptions, you may wish to speak with your doctor or choose to use one of our Hemp Derived Isolate Tinctures.