Frequently Asked Question about CBD

 Is your product organic?

It is formulated using organic MCT coconut oil and hemp grown in Kentucky without the use of pesticides.  No, not certified organic, but formulated with very clean ingredients.

Is your product lab tested?

Yes, each batch is third party lab tested.

Will these products interact with any of my other medications?

No, this product is all natural.  It should not interact with any medications you are currently taking, however if you are on blood thinners, you may want to check with your doctor before taking CBD products.

Is CBD legal?

Yes…Because it is derived from hemp plants that are grown under the protection of the 2014 Farm Bill.  If we were to created the exact same tinctures using marijuana, our products would be illegal.

How can I get more once my bottle runs out?

We have a website and we offer free shipping.   


Will this make me feel high?

No, none of the products contain enough THC to make you feel any psychoactive effect.  You could drink several bottles of the Whole Plant formula and you would still not feel high. Sorry…lol

Is it legal to fly with your products?

Yes!  As long as the products are properly labeled, there shouldn’t be a problem.

What can CBD do to help my diabetes? ___other symptoms?

The CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system.  This system signals to the others systems of your body to balance and heal…thus giving you relief from your symptoms.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, if you take our product as directed and you do not feel like you have received relief from your symptoms, please contact us to return the bottle and get a refund.