1200mg Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Tincture

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Our CBD Isolate tincture is formulated using pure crystalline CBD extracted from US-grown hemp plants of the highest quality. This extract is infused into medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. It is virtually odorless and tasteless.
* This formula is fast acting – for moments of anxiety, stress or pain.
* It is virtually odorless and flavorless – easier to ingest for people with sensitive taste buds.
* This formula may be more helpful than whole plant formula for sleep issues.
*There is no THC in our Hemp Derived Isolate Tinctures. An ideal choice for individuals with employers that conduct regular drug screenings.


4 reviews for 1200mg Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Tincture

  1. Rebecca Loeffler

    I am very happy with the results I have seen thus far. I bought this mainly for help sleeping and anxiety and it has worked for both in addition to those annoying monthly mood swings! It seems the older I get the worse those mood swings were getting and lasting for longer periods of time. They have almost disappeared all together and what still remains is very manageable! My husband uses the whole plant for his anxiety and Diabetes and I am here to say, it has helped his anxiety tremendously, he is much more relaxed during high pressure times and in general on day to day situations which makes me VERY happy too ? This along with some other tweaks in diet is now managing his Diabetes as well. The home show where we met may have been a flop in our business efforts but we were definitely meant to be there to meet y’all for sure! Thank you for all your knowledge and help.

  2. Kendall

    Helps me with my nerves and immune system for sure.

  3. Nancy Scheland

    I met Michelle in Canton the first week of December 2018, I purchased a bottle of 1200 mg Tincture. It was suggested by my cousin to try it. My dogs are all rescues and they used to have little outbursts because of whatever they encountered before they became my children. My kiddos now live in harmony, they watch out for each other and no more outbursts. I am going to start trying the Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract for my wellness in the near future. Thank You Michelle this is the best.

  4. Terri G.

    I’ve tried several other brands of CBD products and I’m sold on Nature’s Oils. I’ve been using the extract for almost a year, and just added the tincture to help with sleep. After taking it for a month, I’m having great results. I highly recommend these products.

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