600mg Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Tincture

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Our CBD Isolate tincture is formulated using pure crystalline CBD extracted from US-grown hemp plants of the highest quality. This extract is infused into medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. It is virtually odorless and tasteless.
* This formula is fast acting – for moments of anxiety, stress or pain.
* It is virtually odorless and flavorless – easier to ingest for people with sensitive taste buds.
* This formula may be more helpful than whole plant formula for sleep issues.
*There is no THC in our Hemp Derived Isolate Tinctures. An ideal choice for individuals with employers that conduct regular drug screenings.



2 reviews for 600mg Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Tincture

  1. Shawn T.

    I have tried several cbd oils and this is the winner. My sleep and immune system are at their best now. Family members that suffer from anxiety issues are feeling so much more grounded. I highly recommend this product as well as the full spectrum. 8 of my friends are now also using these products.

  2. Jennifer Cloud

    I bought this oil on a whim at a flea market in Dallas and thought, what the heck, I’ll try it. I’ve been having what I believe to be hormonal issues along with some arthritic pains. After taking this oil for a few weeks, all those issues pretty much went away. It has absolutely no taste, so easy to use.

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