600mg Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract / Full Spectrum CBD

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Our Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract / Full Spectrum is formulated using the highest quality US-grown whole hemp plants infused into organic MCT coconut oil. It contains all of the naturally occurring hemp terpenes and cannabinoids, thus creating synergistic health benefits.
If you are regularly drug screened by your employer or doctor, we DO NOT recommend that you use this formula.  You may test positive for THC even though our formula contains far less than the .3% allowed by law.
For dosing information, please refer to the chart to find the number of milligrams that you would want to start with twice daily.
Please store your CBD products away from direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold. As it is exposed to sunlight, your tincture may change colors.  This is due to the coconut oil base that is used in formulation.  This color change DOES NOT mean that the product is contaminated, or is not longer potent. In our own lab testing we have verified that although a tincture has darkened in color, it has only decreased very slightly in potency.  However, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions can affect the potency of your product.

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3 reviews for 600mg Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract / Full Spectrum CBD

  1. Tiffany Skelton

    I have been using this for several months now. Before trying this brand, I tried a few others. This has helped my sleep and anxiety so much! I take at night before bed and again in the morning before work. Truly so grateful for this product and I have even ordered it for some family members.

  2. Mary L.

    I had already visited an orthopedic doctor for the severe pain in my fingers caused from arthritis. We had decided I would have the joints in my fingers fused to help relieve the pain. I purchased the whole plant hemp oil extract and began talking it. Within a week my fingers stopped hurting. The whole time I took it my fingers were pain free! I ran out and within the week my fingers gradually started hurting again. Needless to say I’ve ordered more. I really recommend this stuff to everyone who has any kind of inflammation! Seriously, try it, I doubt you will be disappointed! Oh and I canceled having the surgery!

  3. Celia Martinez

    I am a mother of 4, I work all day and the stress and physical demands leave me so tired that I even have trouble sleeping. For the last 5 months i’ve been taking 600 Whole Plant drops twice a day and it has helped me sleep, concentrate at work, and less stress overall. I love it and recommend it, It is truly marvelous

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