CBD & EMU Oil Bath Bomb 75mg Cactus Blossom

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Our luxury CBD bath bombs are not only infused with 75 milligrams of Isolate CBD (no THC), they are held together by pure emu oil. The emu oil penetrates deep into the tissue and leaves a silky layer of hydration on the skin. 
The strong dose of CBD will calm and balance your nervous system and leave your muscles relieved of pain, stress and inflammation.
We never use dyes in our bath bombs as it stands to reason that your first desire after taking the best CBD bath of your life would NOT be to clean the colorful film off of your bathtub or yourself.
Our bath bombs contain ZERO THC. They will not cause anyone to show positive on a drug screening, get fired, and never be able to afford another CBD bath bomb again.

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Weight 10.5 oz


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