On rare occasions a CBD oil users will report feeling an upset stomach, stomach pain or mild nausea after starting a CBD regimen.  This unpleasant side effect is generally not caused by the CBD itself, many times it is caused by the carrier oil.  Although carrier oils vary from one brand to the next, here at Nature’s Oils we use only organic MCT coconut oil. This oil is naturally high in saturated fats that help with the absorption of the cannabinoids into your body.  Unfortunately some individuals are sensitive to MCT oil and report having to deal with symptoms like pain, nausea or discomfort associated with its use.

If your CBD is giving you tummy trouble, the first thing you would want to do is stop taking the oil for a few days to make sure that the issue was actually being caused by the CBD oil.  Once you positively identify the oil as the cause, you can try one of the following options to be able to continue taking the CBD without the stomach upset.

1- Buy CBD in a capsule form. Although our Full Spectrum Softgel Capsules are formulated using MCT coconut oil, we have heard from our customers that when they switched over to the capsules they were gentler on their stomachs. One of our customers had such horrible stomach upset using our Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract, that he was considering discontinuing his use of CBD.  We recommended he try the Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules.  He found that by making the switch, he was able to lower his blood pressure naturally with out upsetting his stomach.

2- Try buying the drops in the strongest potency. In order to take an 18 mg dose using the 600 mg Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract, an individual would need to take 18 drops.  However if you purchase the 1800 mg Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract, you could get that same dose by only taking 6 drops.

3- Try taking your oil after a meal or snack.  As with many supplements and medications, your CBD oil may hit your stomach better if it has something to land on. Taking you dose of CBD following a meal or snack might just be the key to keeping your stomach happy.

If you have additional questions about the use of CBD oil, please leave a comment below. We will respond as quickly as possible otherwise email us @ michelle@naturesoilsonline.com

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