Whole Plant Hemp Oil in its purest form is highly concentrated and very thick (like molasses), thus making dosing and ingestion difficult for consumers.  Consequently the tinctures found on the market are diluted to a potency to make dosing more convenient.

If you read the ingredients portion of CBD tincture labels you will find that companies will use a range of different carrier oils such as  coconut oil,  hemp seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil…the list goes on. So how does the average consumer know which carrier oil will have the best absorption rate? taste? ease of use?

At first glance, it might sound reasonable that hemp seed oil would be the logical choice to make HEMP derived CBD products.  However a quick look at the science reveals something different. CBD is fat soluble by nature.  The most effective carrier oils would be those containing the highest percentage of saturated fats.  

Hemp seed oil contains approximately 11% saturated fat, in contrast, MCT coconut oil contains approximately 90% saturated fat, thus optimizing the bioavailability (or the amount the body is able to use.) MCT oil also has a very mild, pleasant taste.

So check your bottles…see what carrier oil is in your CBD tinctures.  This might be a perfect time to try out Nature’s Oils Premium CBD Products.  We formulate all of our products using 100% pure and organic MTC coconut oil to ensure the highest absorption rate possible.